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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lorin's Musings: BIC Update 3

Update 3 on BIC commentary page at Although some finishing revisions on hyperlinks etc. still remain, at long last I have been able to convert the Greek grammar LEARNING BIBLICAL KOINE GREEK to a fully formatted Internet version. This was the grammar used in teaching the first two years of biblical Greek at Gardner-Webb University. Now it is available free of charge and in a revised format as volume 35 of the BIC commentary series. The updating of the remaining hyperlinks inside the PDF and HTML files will take place over the coming weeks. Additionally, the PPP files are being converted over to use the Unicode Greek font system that saves having to download and install a special set of Greek fonts

One additional new addition is the embedding of a set of SHARE buttons on both the home page and also the BIC home page. This will facilitate easy sharing of these web URLs with others via a variety of options. Figuring out the programing of this was indeed a 'fun time' for me. But it did help me dust off a lot of the cob webs on my writing of html code.

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