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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Starting Over

For a 74 year old codger, this is rather daunting! But in following God's leadership over the half century plus of ministry, the challenge of starting over has come along several times. From a purely human standpoint the move from Santa Ana, Costa Rica to the Baptist Retirement Community in San Angelo, Texas has gone surprisingly smoothly. No major obstacles have come our way thus far.

Much of this has come about -- I believe -- through a combination of following God's leadership and careful, detailed planning ahead. The move has generated a lot of emotion for both Claire and me. The sad part was in leaving behind many, many friends in Costa Rica. Claire made small Christmas ornaments as farewell gifts for friends and we gave away almost 90 of them, mainly to friends in Santa Ana, as well as at church. We had not realized the extent of acquaintances that we had made in the town where we lived for five plus years.

Upon arriving in San Angelo, Tuesday, Dec. 8, a whirlwind of activities was unleashed in getting set up to occupy the duplex apartment, which we did on Tuesday, Dec. 15. Everyone here has been very gracious and helpful to us. Within this almost two week period of time, we have begun to realize just how profoundly this move is impacting our lives. On the positive side, it has been really fun to begin again in setting up a household with virtually everything being brand new. Never been able to do that before in my 74+ years on planet earth. But spending so much money in such a short period of time has felt really strange. Fortunately, we had saved up a nest egg of funds to enable us to be able to do this. Keeping track of orders and deliveries has within itself become quite a task. We have a garage literally full of packed boxes that will need to be emptied over the coming few weeks. This especially after the 64 boxes shipped from Costa Rica arrived on Friday.

We are really liking our apartment. It's small and compact -- a little larger than the one in Wesseling Germany but smaller than the one in Santa Ana, Costa Rica -- but I think it is going to work well for us. Especially the single level with no stairs to climb. The biggest challenge probably is going to be for Claire and me to share the second bedroom as an office. This we have never tried before, so a lot of patience will be necessary. With the apartment being just across the street from the "highrise" building that is the center of the independent living section of the retirement center, everything is very convenient. Already we are meeting many new friends here at the center and are looking forward to getting acquainted with many more as we get settled in. A college friend from Wayland days now living in Oregon sent me the phone number of dear friends of hers who live here at the center. So we are looking forward to meeting them.

Following God as He directs one's path through life is always exciting, daunting, and a wonderful adventure. Certainly that is the case for us as we move into this new phase of our life in San Angelo. Never could I have ever imagined what that path from the Lord would have followed over these seventy plus years. But I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world!

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