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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

At 77+ years of age, it often baffles me at how fast time flies by. During my active work days (1964 - 2008) I frequently felt that time was moving fast in my life. But, boy, now in retirement since 2008 the time train seems to be moving ever faster down the rails. Of course, I'm moving sighnificantly slower these days, which may well be the key to my sense of fast movement. In addition to old age slowing things down, my steadily failing health keeps me getting less and less productive day by day. Sleeping one to two hours nightly leaves me drowsy and unable to get much work done during the day. Unrelenting pain from the neuoropathy distracts and limits the ability to focus on the work needing to be done each day. All these and other dynamics in my life at the moment temp me greatly to throw in the towel and give up attempting to write on the BIC commentary series.

But the sense of calling and the long term objective of this work absolutely will not allow me to become a "glass half empty" kind of person. The sense of divine calling to serve others is a conviction that continuously grips my life and outlook. Added to that is the profound sense of joy coming out of making new, rich discoveries from the biblical text every time I work on research and writing. The Christian scriptures nourish and encourage me always. The deeper I probe their depths, the less I understand of their deepest meaning. And the greater is the challenge to go into an increasingly deeper commitment to the Lord. Something that I need to do moment by moment.

I'm just about finished with the first four chapters of commentary on the letter of Paul to the Romans. It's taken an extra long amount of time largely due to the unbelievable profundity of ideas in these later passages. Plus, I've also had to do extensive computer troubleshooting and repair on both my systems, and especially on the router/LAN network. But things are moving along pretty smoothly now. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can post this material down through the end of chapter four of Romans so that you can catch a glimpse into the incredible riches of these beginning chapters of Romans. Stay tuned.